At last, a cyber insurance for financial services!

Your industry must deal with its digitisation and the confidentiality of its data.

You want to abide by the regulations but you do not find anyone to carry your risk: Stoïk offers you financial coverage up to 1.5 million euros.

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Stoïk's in-house cyber-security specialists are always available to support you.


Our insurance coverage can be subscribed online in 2min and is explained simply.


We regularly scan your infrastructure to help you identifying and mitigating your risk.

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We combine security software and insurance product, for the price of an insurance product

Our scan evaluates your risk exposure at any moment and certifies your cyber good hygiene.

Subscribe online to your insurance product, it will take few minutes only.

You are fully covered in case of an attack. Data leaks, public liability and operating loss : Stoik insures all your needs.

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