The all-in-one prevention platform

Discover our online platform designed to allow your clients to monitor their cyber risk exposure
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Monitor the risk,
reduce incidents

Stoïk Protect allows your clients to quickly assess their exposure to cyber risk and identify areas to address as a priority

A platform exclusively reserved for Stoïk policyholders, included in their cyber insurance contract

Preventing risk before it strikes: that's what active insurance is all about
+20 000
vulnerabilities identified by the external scan in 2023
less risk of a cyber incident once the platform is configured
- 24 hours
response time of our teams in the event of a critical vulnerability

All-in-one prevention platform

Stoïk Protect goes beyond cybersecurity software: it is a combination of proactive and user-friendly tools developed by our cybersecurity experts
External scan

Say goodbye to vulnerabilities

An audit of the external surface of the information system, launched automatically every week to detect security vulnerabilities
Internal scan

Configurations under control

An analysis of Cloud and Active Directory configurations to slow down the progression of malicious actors within the information system
Anti-phishing campaign

Don’t take the bait

Fake phishing emails to train teams to spot fraudulent messages, and track everyone's progress on a daily basis
Awareness program

Micro learning, maxi knowledge

Tutorials to train your employees on cybersecurity best practices: creating strong passwords, detecting fraud attempts, and much more

Your clients are in good hands

Behind Stoïk Protect, there are our cybersecurity experts available at your request to support your clients at every stage of their contract

Prevention tools implementation

Assistance with tool installation: once configured, cyber prevention can begin

Cybersecurity posture enhancement

Assistance with interpreting the results provided by the tools and resolving cyber vulnerabilities

In-house incident response for efficient recovery

In the event of an incident, our CERT-Stoïk conducts 24/7 forensic investigations for swift action
AWS - Security Specialty & Architecting Certification
SOC-2 Type I Certification (ongoing)
GCP - Professional Cloud Security Engineer Certification

Insurance dedicated to cyber risk

Our prevention tools protect, but there is no such thing as zero risk. Our cyber insurance has been specially designed to indemnify your clients in case of a cyber incident
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