Insurance dedicated
to cyber risk

Protect your business with a best-in-class insurance coverage

24/7 incident response

Stoïk cybersecurity engineers to defend and secure your network
Legal and crisis communication experts

Business interruption

Money icon
Coverage in case of business income loss
Coverage of ransomware cost and ransom payment if there is no less costly alternative

Third-party liability

In the event of a data breach claim
In the event of a malware transmission (optional)

Cyber fraud

Coverage in case of misappropriation of funds (optional)

Claims management made easy

Follow each step from your Stoïk account

Network under attack

You think you're under attack: call us! The emergency number is available on your Stoïk account

A team of experts

Our IT-forensic experts team is available 24/7 to defend you against cyber incidents

Fast indemnity

Once the incident is under control, we make sure your claim is quickly indemnified

Our tools are designed for digital risks

Our insurance covers you in case of a malicious attack, and our cyber tools help you reduce your risk before, during and after an incident
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