Tools for all-in-one cyber protection

From weekly scans to team awareness, Stoïk allows you to monitor and reduce your cyber risk on a daily basis

External scan

A scan of your domain names and IP addresses to identify vulnerable services
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External scan Stoïk

Internal scan

A mapping of your IT system (Cloud, Active Directory) to detect exploitable vulnerabilities
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Active Directory and Cloud Scans

Anti-phishing campaign

Customisable phishing simulations to train your teams to detect fraudulent emails
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Anti-phishing simulation

Security awareness training

Simple and actionable tutorials to train your employees on how to spot cyber risks
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Cyber training

In case of an incident, a cyber insurance to get you covered

Our cyber tools can protect you, but there is no such thing as zero-risk. Our cyber insurance is designed to get you covered in case of a cyber incident
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Cyber insurance Stoïk

Active protection, personalized support

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Active protection

Our protection tools monitor your computer system on a daily basis

Personalised alerts

We contact you as soon as a threat is detected

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24/7 support

Our experts help you solve critical technical vulnerabilities