In-house incident response and claims for efficient recovery

Our mission: helping your client recover quickly from a cyber incident

Comprehensive support for cyber incidents

From crisis management to recovery, our teams are there for your clients from start to finish

Insurance in case of cyber incident

Forensic investigation

In the event of an incident, our in-house response team conducts 24/7 forensic investigations for swift action
Insurance in case of cyber incident

Efficient remediation

Once the attack is under control, we re-secure networks within an average of 12 hours – so your clients can quickly get back to business
Insurance in case of cyber incident

Crisis and legal guidance

We assist in creating crisis communication plans and offer guidance through legal matters
Insurance in case of cyber incident

Fast recovery

Our claims team helps your client through the recovery process and ensures the claim is paid quickly

Our incident response team by your side

Reactive and effective cyber incident management is our priority. Our CERT-Stoïk cybersecurity experts protect your customers at the first sign of a threat, with a response time of less than 3 minutes.
"At Stoïk, we strive to offer the best incident response service in Europe. The CERT-Stoïk is available 24/7 to respond to security incident on our partner brokers' clients.”
Vincent Nguyen
Director of Cybersecurity at Stoïk

Crisis management you can count on

Find out how we swiftly restored an e-commerce website crippled by a ransomware

What happened
Late on a Friday afternoon, just before the last weekend of sales period, an e-commerce website faced inaccessibility, with a ransom demand of €50,000
How we helped
Our teams were immediately mobilized, and in just a few hours, the attacker was expelled from the infrastructure, restoring full accessibility to the website
"The ransomware targeted our online sales site, but thanks to Stoïk, the incident was contained. Within a few hours, everything was up and running again," says the company's financial director
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