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The Broker's Platform is so easy to use that it now takes me about 3 minutes to get a cyber insurance policy quote. The scan is valuable for quoting, and as a preventive measure throughout the life of a contract.

K. Lazimi, CEO at LCK


As a broker, I can finally offer a cyber insurance solution tailored to my clients' needs. The cybersecurity tools included in the insurance allow me to better support my clients in managing their risk.

O. Boulard, CEO at AGEO

Access to the Broker Platform in 4 steps:

1. Create your account on the Broker's Platform.

2. We will ask you to provide a number of documents proving your activity as a broker.

3. Sign the co-brokerage contract online.

4. Validate your account. You will receive an email allowing you to issue your first quotes.

A question? Our sales team is available: make an appointment.

For companies with a turnover up to €50 million, the quoting process is done in 3 steps:

1. Broker launch an external scan on the client's domain name from the Broker Platform. Once the external scan is complete, the broker finds out whether a client is eligible for Stoïk or not.

2. Broker draft a quote on the Broker Platform in a few clicks, by filling information such as turnover, and activity sector.

3. After client's agreement, broker can send the contract for electronic signature from the Broker Platform in one click.

For companies with a turnover higher than €50 million, or operating in certain activity sectors, the underwriting process requires a customized evaluation: a questionnaire to be filled out, followed by an interview with an underwriter and a cyber engineer.

Behind Stoïk, there are two insurers (Acheel and Axeria) and one reinsurer (Swiss Re). Stoïk has an ORIAS identification number, that gives us the authorization of working as an insurance broker – this is actually our legal status.

The particularity of Stoïk is to have built its own insurance contract. In contrast, most brokers are simply resellers of existing insurance contracts.

Finally, Swiss Re's mission, as a reinsurer, is to protect Acheel's and Axeria's risk exposure.

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