About Us



Stoïk was born at the end of 2020 out of an astonishing realization: how can European business leaders be still so helpless and powerless against a risk as devastating as cyberattacks?

Ever since, we have been driven by a desire to free business leaders from their feeling of vulnerability to cyber risk.

But how? For Jules Veyrat, co-founder of Stoïk after four years at Philosophie magazine, the Stoics have the answer: faced with such a threat, the challenge is to distinguish between what depends on us and what does not, to act on what we can change, and calmly accept what is beyond our control.

Stoïk therefore offers companies a unique subscription that combines security software to continuously mitigate their level of risk, and insurance to transfer their residual risk to a third-party.

Our goal is to provide business leaders with a clear understanding and control of their cyber risk exposure.