Découvrez notre opération Objectif Cyber démarrant le 3 octobre
Stoïk launches the "Objectif Cyber" operation: a major quarter to raise awareness of cyber risk

Insurance and security against cyber-attacks


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100% online

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Comprehensive offer

Affordable cyber insurance designed for SMEs

Cyber software

An external scan replaces the insurance eligibility questionnaire

Emergency services in the event of a disaster

Technical and legal experts

Following the discovery of a cyber incident, we appoint a crisis referent. He coordinates the intervention of experts in cyber-security, legal affairs and crisis communication.

24/7 Support

We provide you with a hotline to assist you in the event of a crisis.

Crisis communication experts

Within 48 hours following the discovery of a cyber-incident, the costs are covered when the interventions for an amount greater than €3,000 are validated by the crisis referent.

Consequences of a data breach

Damages suffered and costs of GDPR proceedings

We bear the mandatory data breach notification fees, as well as monitoring and surveillance fees.

Public liability

In the event of a claim resulting from a leak of your data, we bear the costs of defense, the financial consequences and the corrective measures.

Consequences of a cyber-attack

Repair of the computer system

We cover the costs of restoring your data from your backups, as well as restoring your computer system.

“Virus transmission” civil liability

In the event of a claim related to the transmission of a virus to a third party, we cover the costs of defense, the pecuniary consequences and the corrective measures.

Support in case of cyber-extortion

We cover the costs of identifying and managing the extortion (negotiation, translation, etc.)


We cover the costs incurred during an embezzlement related to an intrusion into your computer system.

Operating losses

Gross operating margin losses

We cover gross operating margin losses. This coverage takes place on the basis of the gross operating margin that you should have achieved.

Additional charge to limit the damage of an attack

We cover additional operating costs to limit the impact of the cyber-attack on your gross operating margin losses.

Monitor your attack surface

A weekly external scan maps your computer system

Reduce your exposure to risk

The critical vulnerabilities to be treated as a priority appear on your personal space

Train and inform your teams

Run personalized phishing simulation campaigns

Customer knowledge

A single domain name allows you to audit your customers' computer systems

A quote in less than 2 minutes

Answer 5 questions to get a tailor-made price list

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