Insurance and security against cyber-attacks

Stoïk combines insurance and security software to help you rest easy


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of European businesses were victims of cyber-attacks in 2020


of attacks were targeted on SMEs


is the median cost of these attacks

1. Free external scan

Monitor your attack surface

The external scan starts by mapping your network. It will be looking for:

  • Vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers

  • Leaked credentials: emails and passwords of your employees

  • Internet reputation and server configurations

Monitor your attack surface

2. Personalised checklist

Mitigate your risk

A list of personalised advice is available as soon as the scan ends, presenting actionable actions to take if you want to reduce the risk:

  • Passwords that need to be updated

  • Email configurations that can be damaging

  • Critical vulnerabilities to tackle in priority

3. Cyber-insurance

Insure your company

There  is no such thing as zero risk in cybersecurity. Our cyber-insurance covers most of the damages. We also assist you 24/7 in case of an attack.

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Why they love Stoïk


"Getting insured against cyber risk is a necessity for a tech company like ours. With Stoïk, we know that we will be supported in the event of a crisis."

A. Barillas, CEO of Ovrsea

Free audit

The scan is free and secure. Run it on your company with a professional email address. Results only take a few hours.

24/7 support

Our team of experts is always available in case you get attacked, or you need any help.

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